Meet Merk, the genius behind this synth-soaked dopamine hit called Hang

“You can hang with me, we don’t have to speak.”

Move over Kevin Parker –  there’s a new type of introvert in the house. The new single from Merk is an anthem for hanging out in solitude, and being ok with being quiet.

Take solace in your own imagination with Hang, the quirky, synth-drenched, new single from Merk.

Hang is an all-encompassing sonic adventure. From those first few synth chords and that soft, sweeping percussion, you’ll feel like like you’re completely submerged in a quiet, blissfully carefree world that blocks out all outside influence.

Something about the song’s production gives it an expansiveness, yet at the same time makes you feel like you’re hanging out in your room. Not in a claustrophobic way, more of a ‘I’m happy being on my own’ vibe.

The video clip is just as fresh and quirky. Directed by Parallel Teeth, it sees Merk amid changing scenery in Aotearoa with a camera zooming out of his face, before the synth solos cut in and an animated dog tries plays along. You know, it’s best if you just watch it for yourself below.

More animation slowly seeps into Merk’s frames, before completely drenching his reality in colourful, surreal hand-drawn animals and landscapes.

“We don’t like the world outside, block it out and stay inside…”


Hang is out now on all streaming platforms.