HEROARKY paints our future into landscapes of electronica on his debut album 'Anti-Gravity'

HEROARKY paints our future into landscapes of electronica on his debut album ‘Anti-Gravity’

On his debut album, HEROARKY spins our anxieties towards the future into a gleaming sonic landscape. It is lush, detailed, and utterly visionary.

We’ve been fans of HEROARKY for a while now and can you really blame us? The Sydney-based producer has an ability to build expansive sonic landscapes that leave you suspended in disorientation.

Luckily for us, the artist has finally unleashed his debut album Anti-Gravity and it’s more than we could’ve possibly dreamt of. An unfolding sonic portrait that captures our imagined future, HEROARKY’s debut is a complex electronic illustration of the world we may inherit.


Anti-Gravity unfolds like a conceptual narrative, highlighting all the things that you’ve come and love about the producer but taking his sonic into unchartered territories. The album’s opener, Silent Invasion, attacks your senses from all corners, leaving you on edge and completely suspended in the record’s soundscape. This is then juxtaposed with A.S.M.R Tngle, a much softer, gossamer sojourn, one that loops and cascades around mellow twilight hues.

Anti-Gravity is really the album’s cornerstone though, slowly building before erupting in a frenzy of interstellar house beats. It is as cinematic as it is club, blurring the lines between ambience and soundtrack.

“2020 has been one of the weirdest year, feels like we are entering into a new era, a dangerous one,” the artist explains. “Through making this EP, I envisaged what the future would be like in 10 or 20 years. Will this pandemic be forgotten and will we be carrying on with normal life as if nothing happened? Or will it have a lasting effect in the next decade or even more? We wish the former to be true but most of the time changes are inevitable, as we know it. But I hope that we are getting better at working through uncontrollable processes as we evolve each time when we face a challenge like this.”

Detailed, cinematic, and deeply intricate, Anti-Gravity is a testament to HEROARKY’s talents as a producer and visionary.

Check out the album below: