Hold the world’s most gentrified cities in the palm of your hand with Joshua Smith’s mini models

Despite having a relatively short career, Joshua Smith‘s miniature works are gaining global recognition.

Smith has been working on his latest series for the past two years, and while he’s shared photos of the incredible models, he’s now shared their incredible interiors with some immaculate footage.

mini WP5

South Australian based artist Joshua Smith has created a name for himself replicating urban snapshots from shops and buildings to garbage bins and shipping containers.

Before turning to his current project, Smith established and ran Espionage Gallery in Adelaide for four years, showcasing over 600 local, national and international artists.

As well as teaching himself stencil art, he also has the natural capacity for miniature art, where he mainly focuses on the “often overlooked aspects of the urban environment such as grime, rust, decay to discarded cigarettes and graffiti perfectly recreated in 1:20 scale miniatures.”

So far he’s reimagined landscapes in Australia, Hong Kong and the USA – without any apparent fault.

How well did he do? Compare the model with the Google image street view image below:

Keep up to date with Smith’s exhibitions on his website, Facebook and Instagram.

23 Temple Street, Hong Kong

mini WP1

mini WP2

Liberated X Bookshop and Shoe Repairs, Flinders Street, Melbourne

mini WP3

mini WP7mini WP6

mini WP8