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Hologram Electronics Microcosm: unlimited possibilities in granular effects

Granular effects can be challenging to utilise effectively. The random nature of this sound can make them difficult to control (even if that is the point), and the complexity of systems can be a barrier to live performance. The Hologram Electronics Microcosm Granular Pedal is a solution to all these challenges and more, with a full array of effects and controls creating nearly unlimited possibilities.

The range of options available on the Hologram Electronics Microcosm Granular Pedal is truly astonishing, as each of the 11 unique effects offers four preset variations. The 11 effects are grouped into four categories by similarity, so there are three micro loop effects, three granule effects, three glitch effects, and two multi-delay effects. The sound can be customised even further, as the pedal also controls pitch modulation, stereo reverb, and a resonant low-pass filter.Hologram Electronics Microcosm Granular Pedal

The Hologram Electronics Microcosm Granular Pedal is a one-stop-shop for granular effects. All in one pedal, the options are limitless.

The pedal also comes equipped with a 60-second looper, along with 16 memory slots for recall of user presets. The customisation appears limitless when you consider the other controls, including activity and time control, modulation frequency and depth, and mix. The pedal also features a hold function, to freeze effects and patterns in real-time, and a forward/reverse control to alternate between effect playback.

The true range of possibilities, however, lies in the fact that all these functions are being run through the pedal, instead of through a DAW. This makes the pedal perfect for live performance, and conveniently houses everything you need in one box. The pedal is also designed for use with all instruments, with MIDI In/Out/Thru capability, meaning the grounds for sonic exploration are far and wide.

Hologram Electronics are issuing the Microcosm Granular Pedal in limited numbers for $449USD.

For more information, head to Hologram Electronics.