Hoodlem – Melbourne’s anonymous act

How many heads behind this hood… no one can tell for sure. Is it a group? Is it a duo? Is it a singleton? Sorry Cap’n’ Spiffy but some questions, like the ones concerning the edge of the universe, defy answers.

Hoodlem, the Melbourne based anonymous act, first appeared on the scene sometime last year… and just like the masked vigilantes, this incognito musical marvel seems to have a mission. No, not cleansing the streets of criminal scum but rather saving ears that are weary of listening to cloned, clichéd assembly-line beats.  And the superpowers? Wicked, awesome electronic tracks that fall somewhere between pop and experimental.

hoodlem band melbourne

Anyone up for love at first sight? No? As was suspected, then how about love at first listen? Yeah? Good, because Old Friend is just that sort of track. The track is really like one of those pals that you haven’t heard a whisper from in about six lifetimes (or nine, if you’re a cat) but no sooner do you meet, you can pick up the threads of long forgotten conversations without the need for the awfu, awkward re-introductions.  And this track is a gorgeous specimen of minimalism. You can almost count the number of channels that made the song… but who’s counting when all you’re thinking of is taking off your skirt.

Its all available on Bandcamp. Do yourself a favour and go hear some great music. Tan Tan Tara, Hoodlem to the rescue!