Watch Hoodoo Gurus perform 'I Think You Know' Live at Enmore
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Watch Hoodoo Gurus perform ‘I Think You Know’ Live at Enmore

Rock icons Hoodoo Gurus recently visited the Live at Enmore studios. Plugging in and cranking it up to eleven, they performed their cult classic, I Think You Know.

The legendary Hoodoo Gurus recently hit the Live at Enmore studios. A band with a string of hits and leaders of Australia’s lauded pub rock generation, they hardly need an introduction. They were in the finest of form as they dished up a slice of straight-up rock, I Think You Know.

This deep cut is a Gurus cult classic — and it’s not hard to see why. Chimey riffs, powerful grooves with frontman Dave Faulkner’s instantly recognisable voice cutting through the mix.

Hoodoo Gurus, I think You Know

Piling into the studio with vintage guitars in tow, the band was at its explosive best. Rick Grossman and Brad Shepherd laid down a thick rhythmic glue, which Dave Faulkner topped off with his signature vocals and psychedelic fuzz wah. Nik Rieth’s brutal performance behind the kit was a showstopper.

Here’s what Faulkner had to say about the track:

It’s about someone that’s pretty certain they’re right about everything and they’re making me run around in circles, trying to keep up.”

Check out the performance below:

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