LISTEN: Lupa J – ‘To Breathe Underwater’

Lupa J speaks volumes on their new album To Breathe Underwater, darting between thumping, techno-inspired beats and euphoric, hooky vocals. Listen to the new record below.

Lupa J to breathe underwater

Lupa J is a Sydney-based artist who started producing music at the age of 15. Writing, producing, and currently performing solo, they embody the DIY ethos in full.

To Breathe Underwater is their third album, following My Right Name and Swallow Me Whole. With each new album comes a step forward in the intricacies of Lupa J’s production and songwriting talents, and with To Breathe Underwater, they’re finding sounds that are weirder and more wonderful than ever before.

Lupa J also recently collaborated with Happy Mag on Sydney Sounds, a free-to-use sample pack for Ableton Live users. Find out more here.