Hook in to the sinewy, alt-rock grooves of Foxton Kings’ new single, Burn

Perth based band, Foxton Kings have been serving punchy riffs, infectious vocal hooks and all the sinewy alt-rock grooves you could ask for since their debut release, Black Whip Lovin’ in 2016.

Foxton Kings have continued their path towards iconicism and released yet another thrilling, danceable rock anthem, Burn.

Foxton Kings killer new release Burn, encompasses a deliciously brutal fusion of ruthless guitar riffs and intricately crafted, gritty vocals that’ll demand your attention from beginning to end.

Burn is a story of unrequited love told through a narrative of electrified, alt-rock melodies. The track develops from an erratic heist of all logic and sensibility, into the slow, deep burn of obsession that comes with falling in love with a stranger.

“The scene is set with a most aggressive instrumental intro that captures the turbulent, all consuming emotion of falling in love with a complete stranger.

“As the obsession develops quickly over the first two verses, the chorus erupts with a declaration of love “So I burn like I burned before. You know that I am, I am burning for you. You know that I know that you don’t burn for me”.

“The pace slows to a simmering rockabilly-inspired bridge section as the protagonist briefly reminisces on his father’s questionable advice. “…better find a girl and treat her right. Buy a gun and hold it tight and happiness will come
your way…”

“All is forgotten as the final chorus drops and the lone lover falls deeper into obsession over a chaotic polyrhythmic breakdown.”

Do yourself a favour and listen to Foxton King’s new track below.


Foxton Kings ‘Burn’ Single Launch Tour

Saturday November 8 – Ric’s Bar, Brisbane
w/ Airvoyance (fb event)

Saturday November 9 – Captain Cook Hotel, Sydney
w/ The Dead Set, Five SurVive, Watching Wolves, The Rucksaks, Octavian

Saturday November 10 – Central Club Hotel, Melbourne
w/ Black Alpine, Vicious Addiction, Lace and Whiskey, Sedon, Phoenix Daniels

Saturday November 17 – The Aardvark, Fremantle
w/ Command A Panda, Grace Sanders, Tether