HOON and Scab Baby draw exquisite corpses: who did it better?

In July and August, HOON and Scab Baby embarked on an epic tour of Australia. Many things went down on that tour… and ever since, we’ve been trying to get an inside glimpse of the mayhem. Now, before the two bands reconvene at All Of Us Festival, we’ve pulled back the curtain, and we’re still not quite sure of what we’ve uncovered.

What you’re about to witness is a series of exquisite corpse drawings. For those of you not in the know, exquisite corpse drawings happen when you fold a piece of paper four ways, then one person draws the head of a corpse, another the torso, another the legs, and another the feet.

On their last tour, HOON and Scab Baby drew a series of exquisite corpses. After some serious investigative journalism from Happy Mag, these sketches are finally seeing the light of day.

“This is pretty much what we were doing to entertain ourselves while sitting in the car travelling up and down the east coast for three weeks while on tour,” HOON say of the drawings.

We’re going to present these drawings below and let you decide which one is best.

HOON and Scab Baby will be performing together at All Of Us tomorrow, February 1st, at the Wollongong Youth Centre. More info here.