Hot Apple Band Launch Debut Album With Melbourne and Sydney Shows

Hot Apple Band Drops Debut Album ‘So Long, Noodle House’ and Hits Melbourne and Sydney Stages

The new album from nostalgic rock outfit Hot Apple Band ushers in a new era for the Sydney duo, officially shedding their former name Noodle House with the aptly-titled So Long, Noodle House – the band’s debut LP, which was released via Third Eye Stimuli last Friday. 

With sessions stretching as far back as 2019, So Long, Noodle House – a collaborative labour of love – has been a long time coming. The band’s two halves Jack Kinder (lead vocalist) and Lewis Mosley (lead guitarist and keyboardist) endured the pandemic as housemates, allowing them to devote a considerable amount of their time in lockdown to writing and recording music. 

Hot Apple Band Launch Debut Album With Melbourne and Sydney Shows

The resulting album is as fuzzy, tight, and punchy as it is languid, rich, and tender. So Long, Noodle House is coloured by a myriad of guitar tones (most memorably sliding), sun-warped keys, and warm vocal harmonies. Time is kept by a forthright drumkit and panned-right tambourine. 

Strolling alongside Mosley’s deft guitar work, Kinder touches on the quotidian in his lyrics; tracks such as “Not Today” and “Martin Morning” were “definitely influenced by my shitty job,” he says. “Other than that, I always seem to write about time and growing up.”

Spanning eleven tracks and thirty-three minutes, So Long, Noodle House isn’t shy about its influences. Beaming the sound of early-seventies’ soft rock and psychedelia to the present with modern-day recording equipment and audio quality, Hot Apple Band have been compared stylistically to the likes of The Beatles and Harry Nilsson – as well as to such contemporaries as Weyes Blood and The Lemon Twigs. 

Following the release of the album that they speculate “killed three computers” over its recording process, Hot Apple Band have embarked on something of a national tour. Having just played Melbourne on Monday with support from Lewis Coleman and Polly & The Pockets, Hot Apple Band will be performing tonight in Sydney’s inner west at the House of Music & Booze, supported by Surely Shirley and The Honey Giants Heart. 

Hot Apple Band feature on the line-up for Thirroul Music Festival, which takes place this Sunday, December third – and are also part of the Illawarra Folk Festival, which will be held over three days in January.

Words By Harrison Jones