Happy Mag’s Staff Picks: Ruby Cannon, Genesis Owusu and Beyoncé

This week, Happy Mag’s staff picks churn out an eclectic array of fresh tunes, from household names to breakout debuts. 

Another week has come to an end, and thankfully, it’s been one filled with bucket loads of music in the form of Happy’s staff picks.

Even beyond the release of 2023’s Spotify Wrapped — which sent our office into a tizzy early on Thursday morning — this week has seen the arrival of some truly killer tunes, some of which have made their way to Happy Mag’s weekly staff picks. 

From household names like Genesis Owusu to the new solo single from The Cat Empire alum Harry James Angus, the final week of November brought with it a swathe of fresh releases.

Genesis Owusu Staff picks

But enough chitter-chatter, it’s time we present you with Happy Mag’s official staff picks for the week that was. Drum roll please…

Genesis Owusu — Survivor

Genesis Owusu surprised fans this week with the release of Survivor, the first single since his ARIA Award-sweeping sophomore album, STRUGGLER. A pulsating and percussive flex, Survivor continues Owusu’s deserved reign as the king of Aussie hip hop. 

Marcus Wynwood — Simulation

Tasmania’s punk legend Marcus Wynwood returned this week with Simulation, the first taste of his imminent EP, Killerbites.

Drenched in fiery vocals and razor sharp guitars, Simulation finds Wynward at his most cathartically aggressive, delivering an existential manifesto on quarrels of modern life. 

Bedouin, Harry Romero & Anja Schneider — Temple Of Dreams (Remixes Part 4)

The latest in the DJ duo’s string of remixed releases, Temple Of Dreams (Remixes Part 4) sees Bedouin enlist the unique spins of house legends Harry Romero and Anja Schneider.

Offering their take on Flore Chico and Fortune Teller, the DJ collective add fresh flair to Bedouin’s already sumptuous production. Spin the textured tunes below. 

Ruby Cannon — Ruby and The Cannons

It’s hard to describe how feverish the anticipation was ahead of Ruby Cannon’s debut EP.

Thankfully, the rising star made good on her promise with Ruby and The Cannons, a four-track collection of indie, surf-rock and 70s euphoria. Ruby Cannon’s breakout moment is upon us. 

Beyoncé — MY HOUSE

Released as part of her just-released concert film, Beyoncé’s new track MY HOUSE serves a new strut for the powerhouse vocalist.

The renowned singer delivers rap bars atop glitchy production and chanting vocal asides — allowing the hype around her Renaissance doc to reach fever pitch.    

Catching Salmon — Pitted

Hard-hitting punk band Catching Salmon make a splash with Pitted, a nostalgia trip that captures the essence of coastal living and camaraderie.

With punchy guitars and melodic vocals, this one will have you reminiscing on beach days and jam sessions. Get swept up below.  

Muroki ft. BENEE — Love Cocoon

Longtime New Zealand collaborators Muroki and BENEE have joined forces yet again for Love Cocoon, a psychedelic reverie that coasts on the pair’s buttery vocals.

“We sing two sides of a tale about someone utterly besotted with their partner,” Muroki said of the track — and can’t help but feel besotted, too. 

Frida Kill — KILL! KILL! 

Filthy garage rock and experimental noise form the basis of KILL! KILL!, the debut album from punk band Frida Kill.

Across 12 blistering tracks, the Brooklyn four-piece deal in tales of anxiety, hedonism and romance, as punctuated by avant garde flourishes. Get acquainted with New York City’s most promising — and noisiest — quartet below.

Harry James Angus — New Bright Century

In what marks his first single since parting ways with The Cat Empire, Harry James Angus has taken centre stage with New Bright Century.

A nostalgic anthem casting memories back to 1999, the alt-pop cut brims with twinkling piano keys and of course, Angus’ transcendent vocals. 

Lana Del Rey — Take Me Home, Country Roads (John Denver)

Only someone as prolific as Lana Del Rey could take on a cover of John Denver’s iconic hit Take Me Home, Country Roads.

For her part, the acclaimed singer-songwriter brings her trademark old Hollywood glamour to the 1971 original, with the assist of brooding piano and minimalist production. 

Alkaline Trio — Bad Time

Alkaline Trio continue their decades-long mainstay in the punk scene with their latest single Bad Time. The darkly melodic track comes ahead of the group’s forthcoming tenth studio album, Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs, which is set for release on January 26.