Here’s how the internet reacted to Spotify Wrapped 2022

From Spotify listeners feverishly re-sharing their year-end playlists to those cowering behind too much Adele (it’s been a tough year), here’s users’ best internet reactions to Spotify Wrapped 2022.

Well, it’s that time of year again. Spotify Wrapped has revealed its annual analytics of your most listened-to songs and artists, doling out year-end playlists and activity data for its some 456 million worldwide users overnight. From this gigantic pool of listeners, a few mainstay artists topped the list of most streamed music, led by the likes of Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and Bad Bunny. Domestically, the crown was earned by The Kid Laroi, particularly for his track Stay. 

While fellow heavy-hitters Kanye West, Drake and Ed Sheeran rounded-out the top five most listened-to artists this year, a few big names were notably absent. Adele and Beyonce, who both released long-awaited albums within the past 12 months, didn’t crack the list. The Wiggles and Vance Joy were among Australia’s most streamed local acts, while The Joe Rogan Experience and Call Her Daddy featured on the list of most popular podcasts. 

Credit: Spotify

In amongst the feverish dissection of your own Spotify Wrapped, the internet has been set alight with playlist re-shares, hilarious memes and outright omissions due to sheer embarrassment. This writer regrettably listened to a lot of Adele, which is at least more tolerable than Joe Rogan. So, without further ado, we’ve combed through the funniest internet reactions to Spotify Wrapped 2022. Scroll at your leisure. 

1. Hey Alexa, play my guilty pleasure playlist:

2. RuPaul meets The Cure:

3. When the playlist is a little too revealing


4. Savage (yet fair) Apple Music vs. Spotify comparisons:

5.  Nothing groundbreaking here:

6. Dressed for the occasion:


7. IMDb gets in on the mess:


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8. Unquantifiable listening habits:


9. Swifities, assemble:

10. Checks top artist, becomes an immediate stan: