Spotify has been quietly removing Joe Rogan episodes

The streaming platform has removed 113 episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience since the podcast has come under fire for spreading COVID-19 misinformation.

After artists as big as Neil Young and Joni Mitchell fled the service due to Joe Rogan’s controversial discussions of COVID-19, Spotify has removed some of the podcasts worst moments.

To no real surprise, Joe’s discussions around the pandemic are not the most controversial things he’s spoken about on the pod.

Credit: The Joe Rogan Experience

Celebrities and Spotify users alike have been calling out Joe for his use of the N-word and more recently a clip of the jock-comedian laughing hysterically while fellow comic Joey Diaz boasted about coercing female comedians into performing oral sex.

Spotify has been responding to the shit storm by quietly removing some episodes and it speaks absolute volumes that out of the 113 episodes that have been deleted so far, the episode with Dr Robert Malone still remains.

That’s right, the COVID misinformation is by far not the worst content to come from the podcast.