Introducing the smooth and soulful Muroki with his latest single ‘Wavy’

New Zealand born artist Muroki is 19 years old and already winning the hearts of superstars with his effortless soul grooves.

Muroki is one of those artists with nothing but a bright future ahead. Growing up in Raglan, Muroki has developed a sound shaped by the waves he surfs, the pavement he skates, and the coffee he brews.

His 2019 debut For Better or Worse was plugged by none other than NZ icon Benee on Elton John’s radio show. Benee signed the blooming artist to her label Olive Records and even featured his silky vocals on her track All The Time. Since then, Muroki has penned the sultry Light Me Up and, most recently, dropped the infectious Wavy. Let’s talk about it.


Wavy opens up with the most body-friendly groove I’ve heard this year, including some hi-hats getting a relentless workout from some brushes. As Muroki enters with his up-tempo melody and the bass glues itself to the drums, it truly is a beautiful moment.

It sounds so effortless, but this is the work of a virtuoso who has carefully arranged this song to feel as blissful as possible. Unsurprisingly, the artist’s electric guitar jabs that join the mix are equally tasteful.

Muroki has been playing since he was nine, and it shows.

In terms of influence, Tom Misch definitely comes to mind, as well as Matt Corby and Jorja Smith. However, Muroki’s unique brand of soul blends RnB and hip hop elements to create a very on-trend style.

His songs are concise and waste no time getting to a hook you can sing to. “Wavy when you see me, I wanna see you dancing for some time” is Wavy’s offering.

The harmonies drip honey, and by the end of the track, you’ll be wanting to quit your day job and smoke the days away on some breezy coastline. After a few more listens, Muroki will have not only the attention of your ears, but your heart too.


Wavy is out now.