NZ trio Mermaidens will transport you back to the ’70s with ‘Soft Energy’

New Zealand trio Mermaidens return with their psychedelic pop rock track Soft Energy. Take yourself back to the ’70s with this huge anthem.

Soft Energy is the kind of hypnotic tune that makes you reminisce over pre-COVID days – being at a local pub for a gig with your mates, jumping up and down to the sweet sounds of Mermaidens. The band’s new track features an infectious drum beat paired with an electrifying guitar riff and melodies that are straight-up beautiful.

The trio is made up of guitarist and vocalist Gussie Larkin, bassist and vocalist Lily West, and drummer Abe Hollingsworth. Together, they are an aesthetic dream of retro vibes, reminiscent of the psychedelic ’70s. 

Mermaidens Soft Energy Screenshot

Soft Energy, released today, was produced by Samuel Flynn Scott from The Phoenix Foundation. The music video for the single perfectly captures the band’s throwback feel, reminiscent of Abba, adding a pinch of disco to this swirling formula.

The music video, which was directed by Larkin herself, features peachy and pink colour-grading, lots of clams, and some iconic ’70s fashion. 

The New Zealand band formed in 2013 as an indie-rock trio, making potent iterations to their sound since. Though hypnotic and infectious, their music is somewhat soothing and comforting. Their well-placed compositions aside, the trio stands out with a strong visual identity – their single Sunstone is just another example of their unique aesthetic.

Mermaidens music videos’ certainly bear some elements reminiscent of TV show Euphoria, with beautifully thought-out colours and psychedelic patterns that transport the listener to another world. 

Discussing the band’s aesthetic with Ensemble MagazineLarkin shared how the Mermaidens image has grown over the last few years.

“I think our aesthetic has evolved along with the music in a pretty organic way, and we’ve hardly ever been stuck for visual ideas. Having illustrated our posters, album art, and merch from the beginning (eight years ago!), Lily plays a huge part in our aesthetic, and I feel very lucky to have her.” 

Starting a nationwide tour in New Zealand to support the new single in the next week, we hope to see an Australian Mermaidens tour soon.


Soft Energy is out now.

Tour dates

Thu 11 March – Cassels Blue Smoke, Christchurch
Fri 12 March – Dive, Dunedin
Sat 13 March – Settler Theatre, Oamaru
Sat 20 March – Mermgrown Festival, Auckland
Sat 3 April – Paisley Stage, Napier

More info and tickets are available here.