PREMIERE: Tommy Gun draws back the curtain from his debut single ‘Hopeless Stranger’

Melding together extroverted artistry with introspective tones, Tommy Gun releases his debut single: a serenade to summer.

Tommy Gun needs no introduction, but we’re going to give him one anyway. He’s man of many talents and many musical projects. And if you believe in auras, his is honeyed gold. Having toured the country fronting coastal crusaders The Kava Kings and alongside Nathan Cavaleri, he now leads a five-piece band to pure indie rock glory. All South Sydney locals with sights on the global, Tommy Gun is steeped in the nostalgia of honouring the sunset with some tinnies out the back of a parked van.

Hopeless Stranger announces itself as such an anthem. Celebrating the camaraderie of musicianship, this debut single gives cause to reminisce. If the connotations of beach-bound beers and that festival feeling wasn’t enough to conjure a clear picture, Hopeless Stranger has been put to video. At the creative fingertips of Ruby Fields’ Tas Wilson, a glistening clip slingshots the musings of Tommy Gnn straight to the main stage of the Aussie music scene.

Tommy Gun

Rich in strings and richer in crunch, Hopeless Stranger is defined by seasoned artists. Each element of the psych-sonic is well crafted and important. A slinky riff unwinds the earworm of rock ‘n roll, lapping up pop sensibilities with flirty fervour. Gunn’s vocals are a familiar call to the wild with heart-opening croons. The full sound of the band only subsides to allow for poignant one-liners to linger with optimism:

“In the world of empty promises, don’t refuse to see the light shining so bright through the murky water.”


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The clip itself is a humorous collage of imagery. It follows Tommy Gun on guitar, a pair of white headphones, and the refracting light of a disco ball. Grainy textured shots are spliced together to insight the hooky memorabilia of Gun’s iconic lyrics:

“I got disco fever, guess it’s not contagious. Help relieve the echo in my mind.”

The non-linear video is captured to perfection by Tas Wilson, who wields the classics: spotlight and sunsets. Light is toyed with just as much as time signature, making for a quirky, youthful watch. And if the symbol of the white headphones represents music as the antidote to loneliness, then Tommy Gun’s Hopeless Stranger is the vaccine we’re holding out for.

Made to be performed live, Tommy Gun’s official single launch is held tonight (Friday, March 5th) at High Caringbah.

One thing’s for sure, Tommy Gun will not be a one-hit wonder. Their forthcoming five-track EP, recorded in just three days with George Georgiadis (Gang of Youths, Last Dinosaurs, The Vanns) is due out in early 2021. Watch this thirsty space.

In the meantime, enjoy Hopeless Stranger on all the usual platforms here.

Listen on Spotify now, below: