‘Pretty Thing’ from Boy On A Hill is warm-hearted folk to wake up to

West Australian pop/folksters Boy On A Hill have released their transporting and gentle debut single Pretty Thing, alongside a self-made music video.

In the hills of the darling ranges in Western Australia, if you listen beyond the cicadas, you might hear the warm sounds of Boy On A Hill. The pop/folk duo has dropped their debut single Pretty Thing and its vintage instrumentation makes for a charming listen.

Let’s take a look at the subtle intricacies of the intimate track and the music video, shot by the band themselves.

Boy On A Hill

From the first listen of Pretty Thing, it’s obvious that Boy On A Hill are pandering to no one. The songwriting is personal and the instrumentation is soulful. They haven’t sacrificed the bones of the track by drenching it in reverb or adding synth layers.

It’s authentic and real, crafted with instruments that could come out at a campfire. Acoustic guitar, harmonica, and accordion, to list a few. Watching the music video alongside the track also gently mesmerised, as I fell into the lull of the acoustic sounds and rich harmonies. If you’re a fan of early Bon Iver acoustic folk or the country influence of Good Old War, then Boy On A Hill will fit snugly in your playlists.

Pretty Thing begins with some colourful acoustic chords, then the singers’ idiosyncratic timbre shines through. Beautifully played accordion hums in and out as the harmonies become richer. Then, we’re treated to an emotive harmonica solo alongside an egg shaker. The harmonica is seldom used in contemporary music, but that won’t stop Boy On A Hill from staying true to their campfire-style songwriting and performance.

The music video is shot on a chilly morning at Boulder Rock, featuring an explorer as the protagonist. He finds a letter detailing the words ‘goodbye’, highlighting the darker theme behind the track. This is a story of heartbreak, carefully written and performed to connect and open your heart. We’re looking forward to what’s next, Boy On A Hill, keep writing.

Listen to Pretty Thing below: