Josh Vanzetti looks to an uncertain future on new single ‘All Over Me’

All Over Me is a song about looking into the past,” Canberra musician Josh Vanzetti said of his blissful new single. 

Josh Vanzetti has mulled over life’s changes on his charming new single All Over Me. Opening with the lullaby-like tinkle of finger-picked guitar, the track carries all the rustic warmth of soft acoustic pop, with sparse strums forefronting the Canberra musician’s hazy vocals. 

There’s a blissful, sun-drenched subtlety to the single’s opening moments, with further texture added through a double line harmony that gives Vanzetti’s vocals a heavenly touch.

Josh Vanzetti single 'All Over Me'

Later, atmospheric synths deepen the soundscape and transform the track’s initial slow groove into something altogether punchier and more commanding. 

Adopting rhythmic melodies and an intensified delivery, Vanzetti occupies a sound that can only be described as a summertime daydream.

That soothing quality later erupts into a crescendo of instrumentation on the bridge, as the singer’s ruminations on life reach their climax. 

Josh Vanzetti single 'All Over Me'

The fuzzy strings return on All Over Me’s outro, which spotlights glistening guitars and the subdued sound of trickling water. Lyrically, Vanzetti sings of letting go and moving on, all while acknowledging the pain that comes when we choose to “look ahead.” 

A thoughtful rumination of the unavailability of life’s changes, All Over Me grapples with the emotions of maturation and coming-of-age, as Vanzetti laments in a hushed timbre of “reliv[ing] the days through a photograph.”

It’s the kind of poignant storytelling you’d expect from an artist ten years’ his senior, but Vanzetti’s vulnerability is doubly impressive given that he is just 19 years old.

The singer’s candid introspection pairs perfectly with the track’s unflashy and blissfully simplistic sound, allowing him to deliver thoughtful insights with sonic clarity. 

All Over Me is a song about looking into the past,” Vanzetti explained in a press statement. “Giving comfort away from not knowing where the future will lead to seems to be impossible challenges to face. Looking back at these memories makes you feel washed over with emotion.” 

Josh Vanzetti single 'All Over Me'

To touch on such universal experiences under the guise of folk pop is no small feat, yet Vanzetti pulls it off with a sense of unshakable purity.

All Over Me forms part of the tracklist of Vanzetti’s debut EP, Lost In Emotion, which arrived earlier this month and spawned the single Across The Stars (Tonight).

Listen to Josh Vanzetti’s new single All Over Me below.