The new single and video from PollyHill is wickedly intoxicating

PollyHill has released her first track of 2022 and it’s a hypnotic banger that is designed to get you moving.

Auckland’s avant-garde rapper PollyHill has released her new single Pulse, produced by the award-winning and genre-bending Dera Meelan.

PollyHill only started releasing music in the last two years but has quickly built a faithful and loving fan base and is starting to unleash her wrath on the rest of the world.

pollyhill pulse
Credit- Pulse music video

PollyHill isn’t your average MC. Her music isn’t just satisfying because of her witty words and smooth flow but she has this rich, textured timbre that melts in your ears.

The rapper teamed up with one of New Zealand’s finest up-and-coming producers, Dera Meelan who isn’t a stranger to creating beats for the best lyrical genius’. I am thanking the heavens for this collar because these two have got my blood pumping with their new track.

Pulse is the perfect dance tune. With house drums laying down the hypnotic beat and a vintage piano theme ongoing throughout, the production is the ideal platform for PollyHill’s delicious flow.

As if the song wasn’t sexy enough already, the accompanying music video for Pulse is quietly freaky and obviously seductive.

The film clip opens with a shot of a middle-aged woman in a uniform peeling a boiled egg and just before she bites in she notices a mesmerising beat coming from behind a poster. As the woman peers through what seems to be a glory hole (yup!) she sees PollyHill spitting phenomenal bars in a green room full of latex, dancing, bums and obscurities.

The video was actually directed by Frankie Berge and Paloma Schneideman (PollyHill herself!) and you’d honestly be doing yourself a disservice by not watching it.

Pulse is out now.