Hot Work's new single will heal your lonely little heart

Hot Work’s new single will heal your lonely little heart

This past Valentines Day, instead of partaking in gift-exchanging and love-letter-writing, Sydney outfit Hot Work spared a thought for those kicking it alone; the “lone wolves and solo swans,” as they put it.

With the release of their new track Alone Not Lonely, the band sent a message to all the solitary hearts out there: “It is perfectly fine to be on your own.

Still feeling a little hungover from the Valentines Day blues? Hot Work are here with a crooning new track that’s sure to heal your lonely little heart.

Alone Not Lonely is a crooning, smooth-as-hell ballad that sees Hot Work glide through their signature concoction of vintage rock and surf-pop. With deep, resonant vocals and 50s-style instrumentation, the track will seep deep into your body and make your heart swell up.

The track’s new video is the perfect visual accompaniment. Vocalist Michael Van Dyk is seen persuing through an empty, poorly-lit karaoke bar, oozing each lyric out with a charming sense of longing.

So, if you’re feeling a little lonely, a little low… give Hot Work’s new single a listen. Check out the new video for Alone Not Lonely above.

If you want to catch Hot Work live, they’ll be playing at The Golden Age Cinema & Bar this Saturday night (March 2nd) with Bone Graft. Find more details here.