Huckleberry Hastings

Huckleberry Hastings is right up there as Australia’s most baby-faced musician. Maybe a close second to San Cisco’s lead man Jordi. But if you let that fool you into thinking his music is going to be all rainbows and lollipops, you are going to have a bad time. In a musically tasty, pleasantly surprised kind of a way.

huckleberry hastings

This young Sydney singer/songwriter /rhythm guitarist’s blues infused folk sound is going to make your heart bleed people. It’s the combination of passionate lyrics pulled off with completely sincere, yet at times angsty, vocals which is a refreshing spin on the old folk tune. Who hurt you man?

After some quite frequent gigging plus gig watching locally, Harrie Hastings is now set to release his debut EP which seems to be a very personal collection of tunes he was aching to share with the world. And even more heart wrenching is the coming to life with a Pozible campaign, raising over $3000 to get these gems recorded, good work team! New material and possible super-sweet collabs (excited impatient ears dance) are on the way. The CD will be out soon – possibly April – but you can get a taste of it on HH’s soundcloud.

Take a gander at his Facebook page too. Giggles guaranteed. “I had a dream I was at a party with a mermaid and a lion. Somebody pooped in the pool and the mermaid had magic poo removing abilities.”   <3