Human garbage Martin Shkreli tried to buy Kanye’s Life of Pablo, is conned out of $15 million

Everybody’s favourite piece of shit, corrupt pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli has allegedly lost a cool $15 million after trying to purchase Kanye West’s new album Life of Pablo.

Life of Pablo

We’ll take this with a grain of salt, but as the folk at Pedestrian have pointed out Shkreli took to Twitter to declare he’d been hustled. In all caps too.

There you have it folks. Apparently someone named “Daquan” who said he was one of President Yeezy’s boys promised to sell Shkreli the album. As we all remember, Shkreli purchased Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon A Time in Shaolin for a few million dollars. It could all be some very bizarre, elaborate hoax. If it isn’t there’s only one thing to do; laugh maniacally at sweet, sweet karma.

First seen on Pedestrian.