Inscryption’s new “endless” mode looks awesome

Inscryption’s resounding success sees the release of a beta “mini-expansion”. Kaycee’s Mod lets you play the best part of the game. Endlessly. And it’s free!

Released back in October, Inscryption has gained a huge amount of popularity over the past few months. Its Steam reviews boast an “overwhelmingly positive” score and commenters have praised it highly, myself included. As a unique blend of cards, puzzles, and psychological horror, the first act of the game draws you in and holds you captive. Literally.

Despite Inscryption’s success, the game isn’t completely perfect. Players everywhere had a singular, shared desire: the ability to replay the game’s first act, endlessly. As of today, our prayers are answered. You might even call it an early Christmas gift from the developer.

inscryption kaycees mod
Image: Inscryption / Daniel Mullins Games

After receiving “countless requests” for a version of the game that you can play endlessly, Inscryption’s developer has released Kaycee’s Mod as a beta. Meaning playtesters are wanted!

Acting as “a free mini-expansion”, players will be able to enjoy the sinister cabin of Leshy to their heart’s content. Described as “increasingly challenging” with “new levels…[and] new cards”, we’re sure to get a kick out of whatever this new version has in store for us.

If you want to join the beta test you only have to right-click Inscryption in Steam and then click Properties. From there, navigate to the Betas tab and enter the code “givemeascensionmode”. Once inside the “beta build” you just need to press Shift+K+M to unlock Kaycee’s Mod at the start screen.

Don’t forget to report any bugs you come across! A quick press of the F11 key will bring up the bug-report feature – something that will absolutely help the developer work out any kinks before the full release.

It’s definitely great to see indie games like this not only become so successful, but also seeing players love it enough to request a mini-expansion.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be losing my sanity in Leshy’s cabin.


Inscryption and its beta expansion are available now on Steam.