jonathan wilson

The Art Gallery of NSW is once again throwing out the rulebook with “Volume,” a groundbreaking exhibition masterminded by visionary curator Jonathan Wilson.

“Volume” isn’t your typical exhibit – it’s a full-blown visual and audio assault that merges music and art in unexpected ways.

Wilson, known for his unconventional projects, has built a reputation for pushing boundaries. Following the success of Volume’s inaugural showcase, which featured the impressive artistry and musical stylings of Solange, has once again delivered a stunning lineup for the second instalment of Volume, offering a multi-faceted ticketed and free program.

This year’s lineup is festival-worthy: Kim Gordon, the queen of noise herself, brings her raw energy, and Andre 3000‘s mind-bending jazz project, New Blue Sun, is set to blow some minds. But Volume isn’t just about the big names. It champions Aussie music with a dose of Blak Country magic. Established icons like Frank Yamma share the stage with rising stars, celebrating raw talent and rich cultural heritage.

Whether you lose yourself in the dark ambient soundscapes of “Extasis,” by Lawrence English, or get lost in the mind-bending audio-visual installation “Every dull moment (EDM)” by Jonathan Zawada and Flume, one thing’s for sure, weekends at Volume are all about artistic freedom. 

The best part? A huge chunk of Volume is free! So, whether you’re a Kim Gordon disciple or an Andre 3000 acolyte, Volume has something for you.

Check out our full interview with Jonathan Wilson and stay connected to the Art Gallery of NSW, and Volume via Instagram.

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