Alt country has never sounded or tasted so good: Kingswood drop a new album and a new brew

Get ready for a ride through the old west with KINGSWOOD’s latest album, ‘The Tale of G.C. Townes’, and their brand new Lager.

Kingswood’s sixth studio release is a masterclass in heartfelt songwriting and storytelling, delivering just what fans have come to love about the band.

At the helm is the soulful ballad ‘Little Red Jumpsuit’, a track that encapsulates the warmth and depth that defines this record.


From the Aussie hinterlands to Nashville, this album is a true labour of love. Not content with conquering just the airwaves, he band has been crazy busy, also releasing a drop of beer, and by a drop we mean the launch of their own beer Kingswood Larger.

I dunno about you, but the description is right up my alley, a “gold standard in Australian beer,” with a clean, crisp  Japanese influence that’s set to carve out its own place in the company of great Australian larger’s.

As they tour Europe, KINGSWOOD can’t wait to share their tunes and Lager with fans across the globe. Whether it’s a cozy club or a massive festival stage, these guys bring the energy every time.

Before they hit the stage, you’ll find them unwinding with a game of Uno and a little splash of whiskey, all in the name of a killer performance.


Happy: You’ve just announced the launch of your own craft beer line, KINGSWOOD LAGER. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this venture? 

Kingswood: Firstly, we love beer. The first crisp, cold ale to set the tone for the night. Or to wind down, or up, after a show. Touring, recording and the musical life pairs well for us, with delicious beer. We travel a lot, we play in pubs and clubs and at festivals and brewery’s and enjoying and analyzing the different beers on offer is a common topic of discussion and appreciation. It was only a natural progression for the band to one day say, ‘hey let’s make our own beer’. 

Happy: You’ve described KINGSWOOD LAGER as the “gold standard in Australian beer.” What sets it apart from other brews on the market, and what can fans expect from the taste?

Kingswood: We’re immensely proud of Kingswood Lager, it’s been quite the process of tasting, altering, changing different aspects of the recipe, making it get to a place where we are ready to share with Australia. We have learnt a lot and throughout the whole process the most important goal was to make a beer that we loved and we are proud of. It’s a Larger, clean and crisp, probably leaning toward what you might know as a Japanese style larger. It’s session-able for sure, not over the top with fruitiness or hoops, but clean and delicious. 

Happy: The special VIP launch for KINGSWOOD LAGER is happening at the Prince Of Wales in St. Kilda. What can we look forward to at this event, and what surprises do you have in store?

Kingswood: Yes, we are excited for this event. Well firstly we are going to play a show, but it’s also a celebration of the launching of Kingswood Lager. If you’re there you’ll be the first to try it, there’ll be some giveaways, merch, it’s going to be a special night. 

Happy: Your European tour is currently underway and you have an extensive run of tour dates planned until February 2024. How does performing in Europe differ from performing in Australia, and what are you most looking forward to on this leg of the tour? 

Kingswood: We adore touring in Europe, it’s our fourth venture here and we have built not only a fan base but many friends, and favourite places to return to. It’s extremely beautiful here, we try to get into the history of each city and soak up the culture. One difference is fans always get to a show early to watch supports which I think is something Australia needs to improve on. 

You’d think after 110 or so shows in Aus already this year we might want a break but to be honest we miss it. So it’s straight back on the road when we return. 

Happy: Touring can be a grueling but rewarding experience. Can you share a memorable moment or story from the road that encapsulates the essence of being on tour with KINGSWOOD?

Kingswood: The hometowns tour had menu melts le moments, some that are shared and some just for us. One of the best parts of that tour was the fact we were in our tour bus the whole time, traveling around the country. We saw so much and ticked off a bucket list item for many who desire to drive around Aus in a motorhome or caravan. 

Happy: With so many dates lined up, how do you manage to stay energized and keep the performances fresh for both yourselves and the audience?

Kingswood: It’s kind of easy, we love playing so much that the thought of getting up on stage drives us to keep going. After the covid years we were really frustrated and missed playing live so much it made our blood boil, so we have a lot of energy to keep playing as much as we can. 

Happy: On the road, there’s often a unique dynamic within the band. How do you all keep each other motivated and maintain a positive atmosphere during the challenges of touring?

Kingswood: It’s a little family, you have to be open and honest, confront when required and give and take space when needed. I’m always surprised that people think it’s hard, for many bands I think it can be but we all get on so we’ll and spend so much time together that we don’t really have any dramas. If we need to fight, we know how to fight properly so we can move on. 

Happy: From small, intimate venues to large festival stages, you’ve likely experienced a wide range of performance settings. Do you have a favourite type of venue to play in, and if so, why?

Kingswood: Not really, each show is different and has its own energy. Festival shows are incredible but a sweaty rammed club show can feel like the roofs gonna blow off. We play anywhere to anyone, we did some brewery/winery Sunday shows in the last tour and loved it, tapering the show to what we think is the best experience for the audience is one of our strengths. 

Happy: As you approach each new city on the tour, is there a specific ritual or tradition you have as a band to get in the right mindset for the show?

Kingswood: Uno, we play a lot of Uno. We keep score, and it always gets us out of any tired rut. A few games and a whiskey and we are on our way to lifting into a great show. 

Happy: Lastly, what makes you happy?

Kingswood: Being on stage, with the band, the fans, the songs and stories. It’s my happy place for sure.

KINGSWOOD will be launching their very own beer, KINGSWOOD LAGER. As part of the tour, fans will be able to taste this new beer and celebrate with the band. In Melbourne, there will be a special VIP launch at the Prince Of Wales in St, Kilda on November 17.


Thursday 26 October Everglades Woy Woy 

Friday 27 October The Tamworth Hotel Tamworth Free Entry

Saturday 28 October Stag & Hunter Newcastle

Sunday 29 October The Lady Hampshire Sydney

Friday 17 November Prince of Wales Melbourne


Saturday 18 November Archie’s Creek Archie’s Creek 

Saturday 25 November Adelaide Gaol Adelaide  CRY BABY FEST

Wednesday 27 December Mojo’s Fremantle

Thursday 28 December The River Margaret River

Friday 29 December Froth Craft Brewery Bunbury

Saturday 30 December Six Degrees Albury 

Thursday 4 January The Royal Oak Launceston

Friday 5 January Blythe Park Heybridge GOOD GUMNUTS FESTIVAL

Saturday 6 January Altar Hobart

Thursday 25 January Tamworth Hotel Tamworth

Friday 2 February Alice Springs Brewing Company Alice Springs

Saturday 3 February Mayberry Darwin

Friday 9 February All Seasons Hotel Bendigo 

Saturday 10 February Wool Exchange Geelong