From a good pair of socks to a flawlessly executed Maccas order, we get into it with The Reasons Why

The Reasons Why, hailing from Melbourne’s western suburbs, defy convention with their gritty, unapologetic rock.

Their latest single, “The Empress Of Lies,” pulsates with a raw, thumping energy, a testament to their unyielding dedication to their craft. Reflecting on their musical evolution since their 2020 debut album, “Decade,” the band acknowledges the role of maturity and life experiences in shaping their sound.

Melbourne’s grunge and hard rock heritage infuse their music with a distinct, dirty edge, a nod to the city’s love for unapologetic music. The collaborative chemistry among the band members is evident, as spirited debates fuel their creative process.

The Reasons Why single 'The Empress of Lies'

The Empress Of Lies, a powerful commentary on honesty and deception, draws inspiration from the aftermath of disingenuous encounters. In the end, it’s the simple joys that bring happiness to these rockers, from a good pair of socks to a flawlessly executed Maccas order.

With over a decade in the industry, The Reasons Why stand strong, a testament to their enduring commitment to their music and their fans.

HAPPY: What are you up to today?

SCOTT: Today I’m hoping to sort out an argument between my dogs and the local possum, I’m convinced there is drug money involved!

SHEV:Off to work today, not very exciting….wouldn’t have to if my mate (who is a possum) would give me the money he owes me 🤷🏻

Tell us about where you are from? What’s the scene like in your neck of the woods? 

SCOTT:I’m out in Melbourne’s western suburbs, sadly not much of a scene here, but I love it’s dank and trash vibes everywhere. It’s like it’s been forgotten! Though I’ve seen some good bands down in footscray!

SHEV: I’m out in Melbourne’s south east and the ‘scene’ isn’t the greatest here either… I mean bands do get around , but it’s few and far between!…..if you want to see good bands at good venues generally speaking you would have to head in and around the city….only ourselves to blame…10/15 years ago there were great bands all round, but unfortunately these days ppl would rather pay$60+ to see a DJ than fork  out $30 to see 4 great local bands…. 

HAPPY: Describe an average day?

SCOTT: I start my day off with Intense yoga and staring contests with my red belly black snake. Then off to work 9 till 5. I indulge daily in a single apricot and then go home to contemplate the complete waste of air I have become.

Then Lego, lots of Lego.

SHEV: I’m a carpenter so I’m up  around 5am everyday, usually lay there for 5 mins complaining that I havnt won the lotto, then realize I’ve never put it on…..go to work for 8-10 hours…. Come home to a can of Canadian and contemplate putting lotto on for the rest of the day….

HAPPY: Can you tell us about some of your earliest musical memories or influences that sparked your passion for music?

SCOTT: For me it’s was the late 90s wave of post grunge, I then went backwards from there. I’m stuck in the 70s at the moment! My passion for music was sparked by my love for its freedom and unlimited expression.

SHEV: For me it was the opposite.. I grew up listening to the Beatles (massive John Lennon fan), the doors, the beach boys etc….I remember from a young age that I just loved how music made you feel…. For me personally to this day I still get goosebumps when I hear certain songs , cry at others, and some just make you forget everything that’s happening in life at that moment! But it definitely was the 90’s for me in my teenage years that I wanted to get up on a stage….. the first time I seen a live nirvana clip (Lithium) ,I was hypnotised…. My go to bands were Nirvana, Alice in chains,Pearl jam  and Metallica……all great live acts!!…

HAPPY: Your latest single, The Empress Of Lies, has been described as a “masterclass in hard rock revelry.” What was the creative process like in bringing this powerful track to life?

SCOTT:The hard thumping drone comes to mind for me, like a heartbeat. But I wanted it to be the filthiest heartbeat you ever heard. I wasn’t sure at first, I was too droney, maybe too heavy, but I just let it be it, followed what naturally came next.

SHEV: I remember Scott showing me the demo and as soon as I heard the opening riff I knew this was the next single….TBH as a band we all have similar ideas which is great…we feed off each other quite well…so sometimes songs come easy….this was one that we all had the same idea which was to make this a real foot tapper that gives you a bit of a slap in the face!

HAPPY: Melbourne has a rich musical history. How has the city’s vibrant music scene influenced the sound and direction of The Reasons Why?

SCOTT: Melbourne is grunge and hard rock…

I don’t care what anyone says, it’s become a fantastic place for it.

Melbourne loves music and that inspires me to keep playing in any club I can find big or small. I love the small ones, they just scream

Melbourne music history. Melbourne likes it dirty, so we keep it dirty!

SHEV: We’ve never been that band that ‘wanted to be’ or ‘copied’ any others…. We all have so many influences and if u listen carefully you can probably hear them all…. Our bubble is quite big but also solid… we have songs that are slower , to songs that have a bit of a scream to them and everything in between….I think most bands I’ve seen from the mid 90’s right up until now influence our sound…

HAPPY: You’ve mentioned that your debut album, Decade, arrived in 2020. Can you tell us about the evolution of your sound and style from your debut to the release of The Empress Of Lies.

SCOTT: Without giving you a a book to read!

We were just kids playing in garages then we got better and better and became what we are, we are always pushing the boundaries of our music.

That became a decade, but it took a long time to get organised, we all work full time, and can’t really afford to do the whole no work and all music stuff.

SHEV: I think maturing and more life experiences always help…. I think our later releases show our versatility and you can feel the emotion and rawness!.. we don’t hide from that now….

HAPPY: The band’s chemistry is palpable in your music. How do each of you contribute to the creative process, and what makes The Reasons Why’s collaborative dynamic special?

SCOTT: Arguing lol until we all agree on something or someone gives up hahaha! What’s special to me is that’s it raw, unplanned and totally always in the moment! I think that’s what will always make it us!

SHEV: Special..??? The Reasons Why have been going for 13 years… in my opinion that’s what makes it special! Not many bands last that long and the fact were still here going strong if not stronger than ever shows our commitment and dedication to this band….playing the music ya love with ya best mates up the stage…. Why wouldn’t ya keep going..?

HAPPY: The themes of honesty and deception are central in The Empress Of Lies. Are there specific life experiences or influences that inspired these powerful lyrical themes?

SCOTT: Always, I never wrote about a person in particular, but always about how I feel after an event. This one relates to how I feel that so many people would rather lie then be humble, honest and own their bullshit. I hate when people deny it, even when it’s all over their face.

SHEV: There’s that many ppl in this world that this song could relate too… I’m sure everyone singing it  is aiming it at someone they’ve come across…

HAPPY: Lastly , what makes you happy?

SCOTT: Socks!!… we take them for granted!!

SHEV: When Scott has a good pair of socks on….. also when they don’t stuff my order up at Maccas 😝