Interview with Major Leagues

Major Leagues are the jangly pop quartet from the sunshiney lands of Brisbane. If you’ve listened to FBi or Triple J in the last 6 months, you would have heard their super catchy track Endless Drain, taken from their debut EP Weird Season. We had a little chatty chat with them about life after The Saddle Club…

major leagues elin anderssonIllustration by Elin Andersson

HAPPY: First off the bat, how old are all of y’all and how did you meet?

MAJOR LEAGUES: We all just turned 21 and celebrated together at Jake’s annual My Little Pony party. We met on the set of ‘The Saddle Club’.

HAPPY: What inspired the writing behind Weird Season?

MAJOR LEAGUES: A heap of different things. Our friends, relationships, living in Brisbane, growing up in a small QLD town, and books I was reading during that time.

HAPPY: Endless Drain has been smashed by local Australian radio stations (congrats!) Where were you the first time you heard it played on radio? How’d it feel?

MAJOR LEAGUES: Thank you! I think I first heard it played on Triple J when I was in my housemate’s car, driving home from Woolies or something. It was pretty surreal. I’m still not really used to it.

HAPPY: What are some other local bands you’re into?

MAJOR LEAGUES: There’s so many great Brisbane bands at the moment. Roku Music and Blank Realm have released some incredible stuff recently. The Good Sports, JSS, Babaganouj, and Jeremy Neale are all brilliant live. Then there’s newer bands like Dag and Dumb Blondes, who I think are gonna go a long way.

HAPPY: Do you enjoy touring? Is it as much of a drug fueled party as everyone says?

MAJOR LEAGUES: I definitely enjoy touring, but it’s not my favourite aspect of being in a band. I definitely prefer writing and working on new material, which we have been focusing on for the last few months. Our tour will be super fun. We are all really looking forward to playing with The Ocean Party, and all the other great support bands that are joining us. I’m sure other bands have crazy ‘drug fueled’ times on tour. We take things pretty easy. We are more into eating chippies, and having afternoon naps, and Jaimee and Vlada usually like to check out the art galleries in the cities we go to during the day. We definitely do enjoy a few beers or whiskeys at shows though.

HAPPY: If you could make a supergroup of Australian musicians (dead or alive) who would it be?

MAJOR LEAGUES: Everyone in the Go-Betweens. And they would be called the Go-Betweens.

HAPPY: What’s next for you guys?

MAJOR LEAGUES: Hopefully after tour we’ll record some of our new stuff and work towards another EP or an album. We’re playing with Sebadoh in March. They’re one of our favourite bands, so we are super excited about that. I think we’ll be doing some more touring in a few months as well.

HAPPY: And what makes you happy?

MAJOR LEAGUES: Hanging out with my dog, reading, or watching cartoons.

Major Leagues will be bringing the fun to the east coast this Feb. Tickets here!

You might recognise Elin Andersson’s unique style from The Pretty Littles illustration she did for us. She is a legend and super talented. Influenced by mid-century Scandinavian artists and designers, Elin’s ever-evolving style is at once playful and serious. She enjoys experimenting with different illustration techniques like drawing, painting and paper cut-outs. Elin is based in Sydney and is available for freelance work and creative collaborations. You can see more of her work by visiting her portfolio (elinmatilda.com) or sketchbook (elinmatilda.tumblr.com)