Introducing Broken Mountain, a band in bloom

Introducing Broken Mountain, a band in bloom

Experimental, raw and gut-wrenchingly earnest; it’s a spectrum of atmosphere when it comes to the smooth sounds of Broken Mountain.

With their indie pop charm and command of electronic sounds, a listen to the trio is like entering some kind of dystopian paradise.

Broken Mountain
Photo: Daniel O’Toole (Ears)

Arresting in their earnestness and execution, Sydney three-piece Broken Mountain unleash a wave of ambience through their newest single Glory.

The outfit is comprised of Andrew Bruce (The Possé, Wallace, New Venusians, Okenyo, Sampa The Great, Ngaiire), Nicholas Meredith (E^ST, Anatole, Dreller, Kcin, Fiction Writer, Jesse Redwing, Guineafowl) and Brendan Clark (Jesse Redwing, Fiction Writer, Oliver Thorpe, Air land and sea).

Having explored their individual talents across local and international scenes, the members united in 2015 to form the glorious Broken Mountain. Born from this eclectic musical palate comes a unique style reminiscent of The Knife, James Blake, Bjork and Dirty Projectors.

The band laid the foundations for a dystopic vision with their debut release Earthquake. Strengthened through an experimental production style, new single Glory follows suit with an ambient texture and beckoning vocals.

Exploring the idea of connection, the track unravels from its delicate opening chords into a complete sensory experience.

“It’s about reflecting on an innate connection towards nature. It’s about pausing and immersing yourself in your environment,” says Bruce on the track.

Through emotive, downtempo and lovingly crafted tunes, we are granted a tantalising glimpse of future outputs from the group. Here’s hoping we won’t be waiting long.


Broken Mountain’s Glory is available now across major streaming services.