This Youtuber made a pair of lightsaber theremins and now we want one bad

We’ve been a fan of LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER for a while now – I believe it was the push bike synthesizer which originally caught our eye. Since then his projects have only become zanier, and we fucking love it.

His latest invention is total nerd-fuel, a theremin designed to work within the confines of a toy lightsaber.

lightsaber theremin look mum no computer

Ever wanted to wave a lightsaber around onstage? Get around the lightsaber theremin, the latest invention from Youtuber LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER.

His device uses an accelerometer instead of electromagnetic fields, meaning it’s not technically the same as your conventional theremin but you know, we’ll give him a pass.

After constructing a pair of the gizmos, our boy proceeds to load one up with an appropriate lightsaber startup sample and jams the fuck out. Check it out:

Head over to LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER’s Youtube channel for more madness.