Introducing: Dark Fair

Drawing from a mind bending and eclectic array of rock influences and throwing in some trademark Melbourne jangle to boot indie rock two-piece Dark Fair are making themselves known, with latest single Listen Up topping Australia’s community radio charts.

Dark Fair

With the guidance of some of Aussie rock’s best, two piece powerhouse Dark Fair expertly blend introspection, rawness and some good old Melbourne jangle rock.

Comprised of Ellie Dunn (drums) and Ramona Moore (lead guitar and vocals), the band formed in 2012, when the two Brisbane expatriates reunited in Melbourne. Since their inception the band and have been busy supporting alternative and indie rock contemporaries Veruca Salt, Adalita, They Might be Giants, Kingswood, and Bloods on tour. The band are known for collaboration with Melbourne alt rock mainstay Adalita Srsen (Adalita and Magic Dirt) who has lent the girls her talents as a bassist in the recording studio and during the occasional live performance.

Following their team up the band released debut EP Penny Universe in 2012. The thudding rhythm section and distorted guitar work of Penny Universe’s third track Boom gives an early indication of the band’s penchant for heavy riffs and themes of personal turmoil. After the darker and more experimental outing of Penny Universe the band adopted a more melancholic and introspective tone with 2014 EP You Shouldn’t Be Mine. Tracks such as the One Thing and Poison stand out as shining demonstrations of the bands proficiency at combining emotive lyrics with poppy, yet bombastic rock riffs. Let Your Self Be Free provides a more uplifting moment amalgamating the catchy riffs, repeating vocals, squeals and hand claps of glam rockers T.Rex with vocals reminiscent of The Runaways.

Teaming up again with producer Lindsay Gravina (Violent Soho and Magic Dirt) the duo have taken things to another level with their single Listen Up. Distancing itself from the more sedate and melancholy elements of the previous EP the track has certainly captured some of the shambolic grunge and beer soaked splendor of the Melbourne music scene. Starting off with a wavy guitar riff before somehow transitioning into a full-blown 90s alt rock anthem, the track explores the struggle for attention, power and identity in a relationship without a downward beat.

With the success of Listen Up topping Australia’s community radio charts, there will certainly be more of Dark Fair’s infectious, dark and poppy rock tunes in the coming months. The band will officially launching Listen Up at Melbourne’s perennial gig venue Old Bar on February 28th.