Introducing Hatch

I like to think I’ve got a wide range of talents, ranging from epic cartwheels to an innate ability to finish an entire TV season in one day. But then you stumble across someone like Hatch. He’s played at Defqon for the past three consecutive years and he frequently supports international artists in some of Sydney’s hottest clubs, not to mention he’s also headlined the Dubstep Room at the Ink. So just quickly going off that list, you can’t help but notice the goddamn range of this musician. He’s hit the jack pot with a goodie bag of musical talents, giving him the gift of producing a range of diverse sound. Putting all my talents to question.

hatch band

Hatch released his own compilation, ListenOut – Rehatched, which included some outstanding remixes of popular songs from leading performers from the festival, such as Duke Dumont, Azealia Banks and Rufus. But what’s great about Hatch’s remakes is that he doesn’t take away from the originals, with each song he stays true to the unique vibe, adding a specific enhancing aspect to the sounds initial intention. From “sexy trap beats”, “groovy melodic vibes” to “beatbox djembe rhythms”, each remix provides insight into the colourful range of this Sydney based artist. When you click on each song on Hatch’s Soundcloud, he gives the listener a descriptive behind-the-scenes look at his thought process for that particular remix, which makes you appreciate what you’re hearing that much more.

Normally presented as a solo artist, Hatch has teamed up with Present Jackson to release some experimental tracks that take you through a whirlwind of psychedelically warped electronica, and scattered melody notes topped with hip-hop. These two will be opening for the infamous DJ Shadow at The Metro this Saturday night. Tickets here!