Introducing Roku Music

Hey you, yes you, thats a real nice pair of shoes.. I think its really time you should start gazin’ at those bad boys.”

I feel that in a sentence, that pretty much sums up the ethos of Brisbane quartet Roku Music. The massive walls of sound that are created by this band, combined with the dreamy albeit haunting vocals of singer Innez Tulloch (Tiny Spiders/Pastel Blaze), make for an experience frighteningly similar to shoegaze heavyweights My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive.

roku music

They’re aptly summed up in their Triple J Unearthed Bio as; “lilting vocals that equate hope and despair simultaneously – and they are but babes in the woods”. Couldnt have said it better myself. Also, interestingly the droning (and oddly uplifting) guitar riffs in tracks such as Collider are ring quite similar to grunge gods Sonic Youth. Although Roku Music only have one single readily available for download on their Bandcamp, their captivating live show has been a total success, supporting the likes of Daylight Robbery (USA), The Nation Blue, Sounds like Sunset and fellow Queenslanders Violent Soho.

Currently recording an album in band member Donovan Miller’s home studio, it looks like 2014 is set to be a big year for these shoegaze kings and queens. I highly suggest you give them a listen so that you can tell a hipster on the streets that you knew them before they were cool.



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