Introducing Iceage

Iceage have had the privilege to be featured on Pitchfork’s best new music list, twice, as well as being picked up and highlighted by Rolling Stone due to their international impact, it’s looking pretty good here boys*.


Danish punk rockers Iceage are pretty rowdy, but that just makes you want to see them live – there’ll be blood, there’ll be bruises. Sounds like fun!

It’s quite messy and extremely rowdy, all in good fun of course. Although too much fun may be being had by these young Danes, with reports of bloody injuries being the least of what is taking place in their mosh pits. It’s supremely urgent and constantly surprising with heavy bass guitar and even heavier lyrics.

They do have a couple of serious Sex Pistol moments, but have also developed a really unique sound in their personal interpretation of punk blended with an almost metalcore, showing their huge capacity for emotion in the intensity of their lyrics.

Not that they’re all too fussed what you think of their music, “…people can call us a hardcore band if they like.. I don’t care. It doesn’t really interest me”, says lead singer Elias.

The young Danish band Iceage formed in 2008, although didn’t really rise to fame till the beginning of 2011 with their debut album, New Brigade, which was sung in English, despite their Danish background. This album was soon followed by a six week US tour in order to cement their new found fame, before heading to London. Since then they have released a second album, You’re Nothing, in February 2013, showing the same levels of intensely blended experimental rock, turned punk.

Iceage announced their signing to Interpol, Sonic Youth and Cat Power’s label, Matador (one of America’s largest independent record labels) in November last year, which seems like a good move on their behalf due to controversial political rumours that have been circulating**. However the boys are still going strong, starting a US tour in October before heading to the UK at the end of the year.

*So… they don’t really need a Happy review but let’s roll with it?

**About what?



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