Introducing Yohuna

Beautiful, edgy, and seemingly tripping off of her own electronic dream- pop tones, Berlin based artist Yohuna (Johanne Swanson) is a name you should probably become acquainted with. Yohuna’s clear- piercing voice, her synthesised backgrounds, the haunting harmonies- it all just kind of blends until you realize, too late, that you’ve just had your first ethereal encounter.


Look! An angel got her hands on a sampler! Oh… it’s Yohuna.

Needless to say her music is very airy, many have tried (and failed) to classify the sound she produces with labels like psych- drone, bedroom- dream pop, and electronic indie circulating around her name (to list a few). But don’t worry all is not lost, if anything this just gives us a broader parameter to which we can place her music… For your information it lies somewhere between anthem for every mythological creature ever and hipster drug user at a very chill, electronic festival.

If you’re into artists like Electrelane, Grouper, or Imogen Heap – then Yo’guna love Yohuna (sorry not sorry).

Although not too well known Yohuna has been around the block with a few albums to back her up including Collaborations (2011), Revery (2011), River (2012) and recently the Clubhouse Split (2013) release featuring artists Emily Reo, Brown Bread, and MoonLasso. If you really want to get a feel for what she’s about watch the film clip to her Clubhouse Split single Creep Date (I think it’s ridiculously cool, but like the title suggests probably a little creepy for most).

Without revealing too many spoilers the murderous Yohuna in this clip is pretty badass- the cinematography and story line are also something to be appreciated. Furthermore, she’s a total babe. I would date that creep. Wow.

You can also find her on twitter @YOHUNA and fall in love as she experiments with different sound variations: her social platform is all wires, piano’s and recording devices she’s seems to be constantly tinkering with.

Her latest single Para True co- produced by Emily Reo is also getting some serious notice, and so it should! Reo fills the building gaps Yohuna is renowned for with trickles of catchy pop music and piano work, setting a faster pace for our girl with interesting results.

In conclusion I am completely submerged in this hazy electro world the talented Yohuna has kindly produced for humanity, and cordially invite you all to drown with me.



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