Introducing Lilly Carron, New Zealand’s next bedroom pop star

With her debut EP Messy Mind, Lilly Carron declares herself as one of the most intricate and interesting new voices in New Zealand.

Hailing from the beach town of Muriwai in North Island New Zealand, Lilly Carron is garnering some serious attention for her dreamy, heart-on-sleeve indie pop. Currently you’ll see her as the cover image on Spotify’s Indie Arrivals playlist, where her recent single ugly cry is featured.

The tune comes from her debut EP Messy Mind, released at the beginning of December. At just 13 minutes long it’s not the most conclusive release, but it’s a wonderful tour of Carron’s style – comfortably nestled somewhere between Clairo and Bon Iver.

Lilly Carron

talk to me kicks off the EP proper after a 40-second melodic skit, and it’s a spellbinding start. Carron’s voice is gorgeous, drenched in reverb and delay, harmonising with some non-intrusive guitar lines and little else but herself.

From the get-go it’s clear Carron’s voice is her chosen instrument, a powerful tool that she’s willing to show off. The EP even includes two demos – feelit and bellyfullofbutterflies – meaning listeners get to hear her perform in a raw, unfiltered state.

Superhuman is an EP standout, closing the record with bravado. It contains the most pronounced beat you’ll find on Messy Mind, and also feels like the most complete song – it’s less abstract or experimental than the rest of the tracklist, moving closer to the kind of pitch-perfect pop song you might hear from Benee.

When the whole picture comes together, it’s one of an artist who bears all the wonderful hallmarks of being new – rawness, a fresh voice, and more – while showing an obvious penchant for writing ambitiously. Expect Lilly Carron to find herself amongst New Zealand’s princesses of pop before too long.

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