Liaden Zane revisits the dark beauties of a first love on her EP ‘Riddled in Truth’

Liaden Zane has an incredible ability to blend a kaleidoscope of genres and experience into a fresh and refined masterpiece.

On her debut EP, Liaden Zane lifts poetry from the tattered memories of our first love.

Lush, rich, and captivating, Riddled in Truth captures the secrets buried deep within our hearts and reflects them back to us.

liaden zane
The EP’s opening track, Flickering Lights, is a soft and silky folk-pop tune that flutters in with guitar-driven tones. Zane allows her melodies to sit and flourish into lush gardens, before building her vocals with gossamer harmonies.

Riddled in Truth adds a bit more of a smoother, Gaelic feel to the EP, sweeping in with dark, nocturnal tones and textures. It is the warmth of a forest in twilight, capturing and bending the breeziness of Flickering Lights.

Not So Long Ago and Tides continue this duality between light and darkness, opposing each other with an utterly captivating tension. The EP then concludes with the result of this competition: an unchained, celestial anthem that elevates itself onto a whole other level.


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“These songs all started out as stray words scrambled on a page at first, inking out the thoughts that swallowed up my mind but I could never quite say,” the artist explains. “The only way I could ever say them was through this poetry, accompanied by folk guitar and harmonic layers. It is a five-track EP that tells a story of the naivety and innocence of first love, with each song depleting another layer of innocence and uncovering vulnerabilities.”

Gorgeous from start to finish, Riddled in Truth offers up something that is very rare to find in music: imperfection. Sonically, there isn’t a note that could be changed or a cadence that could be tightened. Rather, this EP sings of an imperfection in ourselves and the constant growth that challenges us every day.

Dive into the cool waters of Liaden Zane’s debut EP below: