Introducing: Liv

The most difficult thing about Liv is that she is near un-googleable. Which is absolutely frustrating because I am desperate to find out more about this fascinating young artist and her diverse musical sensibilities.


Liv will either have you grinding on the dance floor to her R&B beats or spacing out to her sultry, seductive voice. Whatever your fancy, Liv has plenty to offer and she’s just getting started!

Yeah, so just going by the name Liv makes things problematic when trying to find this certain lady’s music, but like any good treasure hunt the reward is well worth it. Liv is fairly new to the scene, and as such has only released two songs over the last month in the lead up to the release of her debut EP at the end of the year. Just by listening to these first two tracks I can tell that Liv is going to be popping up on a lot of people’s radars real soon.

The first of her tracks, Come A Little Closer, is one hell of a dance floor grinder. The R&B  beats are relentless and work well with the siren-like synths, an unbeatable combo that no one with a soul would be able to resist breaking out their best moves to. Liv delivers her lines with plenty of sass and sex appeal, the slight echo effect on her vocals linger in your mind as this enticing force of nature. Forget Barry White, if you’re looking for some lovin’ then this is the song to play.

Upon hearing her new song Special you would be forgiven if you thought this was an entirely different artist all together. Instead of pulsing dance floor beats Liv slows things down to a grinding halt, a gentle electric guitar strumming in a carefree way. Liv’s sultry vocals ooze onto the track, remaining as seductive as before but in a much more subtle manner. Special is propped up by an ace bass line that smoothly clicks along at neat pace. Listening to her crooning vocals makes me think I’m sitting in a softly lit torch bar. Really I’m sitting in the Happy office watching an old lady letting her dog shit all over the pavement outside, but this track takes me to a much, much better place.

If Come A Little Closer is about displaying physical affection, then Special is the other side of the coin and perfectly captures the essence of emotional affection, the early 2000’s chill out vibe reminiscent Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill.

Keep an ear to the ground as Liv’s debut EP will be released before the year is out, which makes it the perfect Christmas gift for that special sassy music loving someone in your life.