Introducing: Low Life

Noise does not always pass as music, but Low Life are the good kind of noise. Space punk from Sydney, Mitch Tolman, Cristian O’Sullivan and Greg Alfaro at first sound particularly like Joy Division, and that’s enough to make me listen for a lot longer. Similarly, Low Life is into black and white band photos and go by the motto: ‘Punk life, lad life, thug life, low life.’ The correlation between the two bands is uncanny, well, perhaps just in my eyes.

Low Life band

Tired of so called “punk” bands who are all fizzle and no bang? Well find some relief with Sydney natives Low Life. Their policy is honesty delivered with fierce intensity and their raw guitars are guaranteed to shock you out of your pop rock apathy.

Low Life goes by a policy of honest music. And with that said, their music rings true to old school, original, and honest punk – a rare breed of noise. Low Life’s Cristian has been quoted discussing their sound in the context of the Australian music scene, “With Sydney bands, using the term punk rock is just absurd at the moment. There’s nothing desperate or fierce.” Let me assure you that Cristian is very fierce. He has also clarified that, “I don’t think a bunch of kids with fringes and ironic T-shirts playing Flying Nun songs at the Old Fitz is punk.”

Low Life admits, they aren’t really into going to other gigs and sometimes, even playing at their own. This type of attitude, coupled with raw guitar and grating bass is enough to prove the authenticity of their punk-life vibes and punk-rock sound. Sydney Darbs names their self-titled tape that features songs relative to the pains of doing it tough in a ruined society.

Despite the idea you might be getting that Low Life are just noise and angst, they are more than just punk on paper – think of these guys as providing your dose of local Dookie (That’s the album by the way).

Low Life’s Sydney Darbs is available digitally for free at their bandcamp. To hear some of their honest songs, head to their Soundcloud and follow their Facebook page for information on upcoming gigs at a venue near you.


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