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Canberra has gifted us Michael Misa, a stirring new voice for soft Aussie folk

Out of Canberra comes a new face to Australian indie folk. With distinct Aussie inflictions to his voice and a pared down, simple musicality, Michael Misa is bringing a marriage of the greats to the table.

Having travelled the world performing and supporting some of Australia’s best-loved folk acts including Ben Wright Smith, Misa is no stranger to the industry. His music is carefully curated, a culmination of years of experience and a quietly spoken confidence.

With clear recollections of Missy Higgins, The Waifs and Angus Stone, Misa channels the narrative songwriting of the greats with his own husky, lingering vocal stain.

Working an intimate acoustic set and playing locally, Misa is now on the precipice of the next step into something much bigger. We at Happy are huge fans and can’t wait to see what this addition to acoustic Aussie music will bring to the table.

His most recent release The Gypsy is channeling a stripped back, spoken word atmosphere.

Michael Misa presents a cool and collected voice to folk music; his sound is just as appropriate for the intimacy of a small bar as it is for a festival tent. Humble and softly spoken, this Canberra artist is forging his own path.

Island will transport you quick-smart to your favourite secret beach, a sandy serenade complete with sampled seawater and some seriously impressive finger-picking. Misa hasn’t struck a wrong note yet, and honestly it doesn’t look like he’s ever going to.

Although he has been darting back and forth on writing trips you can expect to see Misa hitting some hometown stages in the coming months.  For a taste of what to expect, Misa’s music has been compared to that of Ben Howard and Scandinavian great Asgeir.

With alarming promise and an exciting new sound, Michael Misa is one to watch.


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June 14, 2017

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