Introducing: Rainee

Do you love a good, subconsciously-foot-tapping, shoulder-rolling and head bopping track? Of course you do – who doesn’t? Well this is exactly what you’ll get from the Sydney singer-songwriter Rainee.


With an eclectic sound that emanates pure joy, Sydney’s Rainee will leave you breathless.

With sounds that ooze folk, acoustic, jazz and blues, Sydney based artist, Rainee Lyleson, is the face and name behind the musical venture. She has played a numerous amount of gigs and expresses herself through a variety of creative ventures, which have engaged her audiences. Since the release of her debut self- titled EP, Rainee, on January 16th I’m certain that this will only increase.

Lyleson has become well known for her nationally toured one-women show, Take Me As I Am: An Evening With Joni Mitchell written and directed by herself. the show is inspired by and attributed to Canadian singer-songwriter, Joni Mitchell and the most lyrically auto-biographical period within her life; the show was set on a night in 1976 after her return home from a solo road trip across America. Within the show, Rainee explored the stories formed and reflective within Mitchell’s songs and portrays the genre transition throughout her musical life, from acoustic to more jazz styled music. The tribute was a compilation of Mitchell’s most memorable songs intertwined with dialogue resulting in a highly acclaimed piece of art.

Music and live performance, however, aren’t the only artistic venture in Lyleson’s life with her dabbles in both the Silver and Small Screen. Starting her acting career playing Gina in the Aussie tween show Blue Water High, Rainee went on to perform in a variety of TV shows, including Home and Away. Her most recent acting venture is as Becca in the feature film, Love is Now, which was released in cinemas December 4th 2014.

The greatest aspect of Rainee’s music is hands down her vocals. There is something purely magical about them, so much so that I found myself being totally relaxed and void of any of the stresses or muscle-knotting problems I had beforehand. It is this ability that attests to the sheer control she has over her voice. Even if you are not a fan of the genres Rainee dabbles in, the discipline and understanding of her vocals as shown in her EP is something that everyone’s ears should indulge in. In aspects her vocals are fragile and delicate as can be seen in Raven and Been Having Dreams.

Within these songs, her fragility is shown with her controlled, high-pitched notes that are juxtaposed against deep guitar and bass. Then within mere seconds they transform into something that has such strength and power behind it. Born by the River has a section about a minute in where her vocals turn gritty, commanding and unyielding, which doesn’t just throw but catapults, the song out of the park. Its utter brilliance!



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