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Percussive indie rock act The Dodos, consisting of Meric Long (vocals and guitar) and Logan Kroeber (drums and percussion) have recently released their sixth album, Individ. Recorded on the heels of 2013’s Carrier, the record follows the San Francisco duo as they attempt to expand their sound without straying too far from their loved aesthetic. The result being an energetic album filled with layered guitars and melodic bursts, similar to their early sounds from Visiter as they rely heavily on the connection and movement that occurs between the drums and guitar.

The Dodos

The Dodos take flight on their intricate sixth album Individ, an LP marked by loss and the strength needed to heal.

Although euphoric at times, the album carries a darkness, perhaps influenced by the struggles faced after Long’s father’s death, and their long-time touring guitarist Chris Reimer’s passing. Long’s vocals exemplify the darkness throughout the nine track record, as he repeatedly sings in Precipitation about resilience and moving on; “Let go of it/ Get out of here/ Let’s get out of here/ For good”.

This opening track molds the environment discovered throughout the album as a metaphor of a storm is used to explore the significance of persistence and moving forward without necessarily having to change a great deal about you. The Dodos have captured this essence in Individ as they present their distinct sound, whilst still pushing the barriers of their comfort. Sticking to familiarity but exploring the unknown enough to continue to grow.

The remaining tracks speak to the audience by enforcing that resilience doesn’t always require you to adapt to an unfamiliar environment, but instead can be about the challenge presented, bringing attention to the importance of trusting your instincts to assert yourself in this fast paced, constantly changing, diverse atmosphere. Long explains Carrier was about breaking habits, recognising and imagining yourself away from the washing machine that has you trapped. That’s why the cover image was of someone watching a tornado go away from him. This record is about accepting what is natural for you or maybe even part of you. Individ is what it sounds like inside the tornado.”

The strongest song on the album Goodbyes and Endings, featured towards the end of the record, is seamlessly executed with an up-beat tempo, and multiple time signatures. The band have impressively delivered a hauntingly beautiful album stitched together with intricate drum patterns, effortless vocals and layered guitars as The Dodos display their bursts of new vitality on Invalid.

The Dodos are embarking on a US tour on the 10th Feb, but sadly no Australian dates have been announced.



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February 9, 2015