Introducing: The Away Days

There are too many talented people on this dog-for-saken planet, and one of these days Elysium will become a real thing, but instead of being inhabited by the wealthy and unrealistically attractive, I choose to believe that it will be comprised of those who create; who make art, while the rest of us below listen to the fruits of their artistic labour.

The Away Days

With their uncanny ability to effortlessly mould atmospheric music, The Away Days’ use of textured guitars and controlled falsetto will make them your favourite Turkish band!

The Away Days sound like they’re already living in this utopian future – in their minds at least. With a dream pop meets shoegaze sound that calls to mind a less- saccharine Beach House, this Turkish five piece display a pronounced clarity and direction in their music which makes for a band that’s as enjoyable to listen to as they are to watch grow.

Marked by their cavernous guitar sounds, minimalistic piano offerings, and reverb-soaked vocals, it’s pretty clear that The Away Days have a real knack for fashioning atmosphere in their music. Vocalist Oguz Ozen serves as a strong frontman for the group, with an indisputable control over his falsetto (a skill that’s fast becoming a commodity in 2014), Ozen spearheads the misty guitar arrangements that encircle him, giving clarity to this beautiful whitewash of sounds, textures and ideas.

On their latest offering, The Away Days continue to take strides in the right direction, crafting a sound – perhaps even a scene – in a country where seemingly none currently exists. The third single from the group in 2014, Best Rebellious is considerably denser than previous singles Your Colour, a track that took cues from contemporary indie rock, and Paris, a highly danceable, synth-wielding number, and has it’s roots in considered songwriting and steadfast guitar work. In contrast to the aforementioned 2014 singles, this track feels less like a radio-ready opiate for the masses, and more like a demonstration of where The Away Days are at as a band, and as this track proves, it’s a really, really good place.

Best Rebellious is taken from The Away Days forthcoming second EP Crown, out on January 19th via Believe Digital, but until such a time, check out the group’s 2012 EP How Did It All Start, or some of their beautifully shot music videos.