Collarbones – Return

When the cover art and the nine songs that follow the album are equally brilliant, you know that the third Collarbones album is truly better than sliced bread…and possibly any of this year’s Aria award winners.


With Summer officially making it’s presence known, no seasonal playlist will be complete without the definitive electro-pop of Collarbones.

My favorite bone band, the long distance interweb duo, Marcus Whale and Travis Cook welcome their latest album, Return. One half Sydney and one half Adelaide, Collarbones really know how to accommodate to electronic loving and pop-beat appreciative bones that belong to Australians.

Recently after their OutsideIn mix for THUMP went crazy over the web (and understandably when it opened with inserts from Degrassi, which is hilarious, clever and witty), Collarbones released Return with Two Bright Lakes and Remote Control Records. It’s about that time of the year when I start to feel like my playlist has gone stale after playing the same September/October tunes and thankfully, Return comes just in perfect timing.

Each song on this album has been crafted with rare Collarbone’s original electric-pop elements. With their stand out single Turning, the perfect walking song with an ever addictive hook and not to mention an amazing video and Only Water which features Australian electronic brother, Oscar Key Sung, Return is the ultimate early electronic Christmas present.

It isn’t just how funny Travis Cook’s tweets are that speak volumes about the greatness of this band, it’s more to do with the fact that Collarbones have represented a new genre. Since 2010, R&B electronica, wit, emotion and savvy-ness have helped shape this band’s overall front, on the Internet and onstage at local gigs. All their lyrics are meaningful and poetically curated. In a recent interview with Noisey, Travis Cook said, “We have a philosophy, or at least I do, about faking it until you make it. How things can turn into self-fulfilling prophecies.” Their breed or music is ambiguous and fluid, but mostly, original in the Australian and worldwide electronic space.

Listen to Return digitally now and support Australian music and buy their record.