Sydney's For Life introduces himself with an impassioned 71 minute mix

Is there a fresher producer in Sydney than For Life? Say hi to Motorik’s newest project with this 71 minute mix

Adam Bozzetto doesn’t believe music should be bound to one time, one place, a memory or even something as fleeting as a feeling. The greatest music is universal, applicable to every facet of our time spent alive. It’s the philosophy this producer has based his act, and name around.

Introducing Motorik’s latest signee: For Life.

Today we present a mix from the man of the hour. Music For Life is a 71 minute journey to the centre of Bozzetto’s mind and an exploration of the sonics which form the core of For Life’s sound. Have a listen to the mix below, and hear what Bozetto had to say about his tunes, joining the Motorik family and what lies ahead.

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Catch an introduction to the freshest blood in the Sydney dance circuit with a mix from For Life, the newest inductee to the royal Motorik family.

HAPPY: Loved the mix man. For someone who’s diving in right now, where’s the ideal scene or location to hit play on this one?

ADAM: I hope anytime! It does get a little ‘party’ at times, so maybe not before breakfast. If I was to name some moments, I would say while driving to the  party with a bottle of pinot. A lot of the music in this mix I could totally listen to out bush and by the beach too. It’s a mix for life and I really take that literally.

HAPPY: What was the main aspect of yourself as an artist you were trying to show here?

ADAM: That great tracks always translate, old becomes new and that music is for life. I have spent many different parts of my life making and playing many different types of music. I still have difficulty deciding what I want to make, but with For Life there is a somewhat defined style… although it can vary a lot. It can have live drums loops, combined with African chanting, with acid house basslines. I guess you can say this reflects electronic music of the mid to late 90s and early 2000s when computers could be easily used to combine all these vibes.

HAPPY: How greatly will this mix differ to a For Life live show?

ADAM: The live shows will have similar music, a lot of For Life tracks plus new and old tracks. There will be some live improvisation (TB-3/303 and TR-9/909). I will also be building a live show playing only For Life tracks, but while it exists mainly in the club it will be more like a DJ set with a live element. Eventually I would love to expand the show with a three piece band somewhere down the track.

HAPPY: There were definitely classics in there as well as some deeper cuts. Is this relation between discovery and familiarity for listeners something you were going for?

ADAM: Definitely. Some of the tracks are from the 90s and some from this year. Some tracks were maybe well known in the early 2000s but wouldn’t be known now. There are a lot of tracks that have influenced the For Life sound and I wanted to put them in this mix to show where a lot of the musical ideas in For Life’s tracks come from. In saying that, I think there is a cohesive sound throughout the mix and it mostly comes from the older tracks that everyone might not know.

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HAPPY: So these artists influenced your EP a lot?

ADAM: 100 percent. This mix is pretty much a For Life ‘influenced by’ mix. All these artist plus many more influence For Life. If I was to show you my recently played Spotify list all kinds of stuff comes up. But, like I mentioned before, these tracks are the ones that have had a very large influence on For Life’s music.

HAPPY: Can you tell us about one or two of the lesser known artists from the mix? Why did they make the cut?

ADAM: I guess it depends who you talk to. If you are talking to the 29 – 35 year old age group and they’re into electronic music someone like Future Sound Of The UK might not be so unknown. You could also say the opposite for an artist like Pearson Sound. I put these artists in the mix because I feel like they have a big influence on the sounds of For Life, but might not be someone that everyone has heard about.

HAPPY: Who did you work with on the Blue’s Journey film clip?

ADAM: So it was a large effort with lots of peeps involved. Pretty much everyone at Motorik and Babekhul, and it was directed by Patrick Santamaria and Neil Harvey. Shout outs to the actors from the groups Death Bells and Muscle Memory. Part of it was shot at the old (as of three weeks ago) Motorik studio in Potts Point (RIP), which is where I had my studio and most of For Life’s music was written. The building is currently been redeveloped in apartments… Sydney right?

HAPPY: Was there a message you were trying to send with the video?

ADAM: I don’t think so, but I think it is a representation of how we all feel. How we used to be able to party, and how things can be when you’re young. I didn’t come up with the narrative for the film clip but I can definitely relate to it. I hope that this shows people that despite all the shit that has gone on in our town over the last few years, there are still many more good times that can be had and we will be out there having it, even if it’s an uphill battle.

HAPPY: You have a video out, a mix and an EP. What’s next up from For Life?

ADAM: I am most excited about our re-release of possibly one of the greatest dance tracks ever to come out of Australia. There’s another EP in the works, and I’m working on building a small live show for the club so I can get out there and start playing. I’ve also been working with a couple of local vocalists and some from overseas but thats as much as I have on that… it’s still a work in progress.


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Music For Life tracklist

The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds (7″ Edit)
For Life – Home
Jagwar Ma – Exercise
For Life – Chants
Mercury Rev – Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp (Chemical Brothers Remix)
For Life – Chemtrails
The Prodigy – 3 Kilos
For Life – Africa
For Life – Blue’s Journey
Soulwax – I Love Techno
For Life- Long Drive
For Life – Harmony
Pearson Sound – Raindrops Pt II
Jacques Greene – I Won’t Judge
Daft Punk – Revolution 909
Underworld – Rez
The Future Sound of London – Cascade Pt 1
The Chemical Brothers – It Began In Afrika
808 State – Pacific 202
Underworld – Jumbo
Itch-E & Scratch-E – Sweetness and Light