Germany spends $1 billion on concert hall with "perfect acoustics"

Is this a futuristic space egg or concert hall? Germany’s Elbphilharmonie will get you questioning everything you know about live music

How many times have you gone to a gig where the bar didn’t prepare for the size of the crowd? You’re stuck right at the back where you can barely hear or see a thing.

We’ve all been there, and it’s a sad reality of live music in Sydney.

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But now imagine going to a gig, where no matter where you’re standing you can hear the music perfectly. This is the reality of the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall.

This magical place actually exists, and is called Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall in Hamburg, Germany.

The central auditorium is the world’s first “acoustically perfect” concert hall, with 10,000 unique acoustic panels lining it’s walls. These panels ensure that when sound waves hit them, the uneven surface either absorbs or scatters them to create an equal reverb across the entire room.

The intricate science behind the panels was developed by One to One studios when they deciphered a specific algorithm based on the room’s geometry.


It also doesn’t hurt that the hall is obscenely beautiful. Resembling a coral reef, the Elbphilharmonie was designed by Swiss architecture firm Herzog and De Meuron in partnership with One to One studio and costed a hefty $843 million to pull off.

The central auditorium seats 2,150 lucky show goers who get a musical experience like no other in this futuristic space ship.

Source: Wired