Is your drummer perpetually without sticks? This music gear vending machine is your godsend

It’s the plight of every musician. You get to rehearsal and first thing you do is a break a string. Or you get to a show at 9pm and your drummer realise that they’ve yet again forgotten to buy a new pair of sticks. The Toneshop vending machine is the answer to your prayers.

Photo via Beat

Australia’s gone full Japan with a vending machine for music gear opening up on a Melbourne street that sells strings, leads and drumsticks.

Toneshop is Australia’s only music gear vending machine – open 24 hours a day.

Parked on 24 Sackville Street in Collingwood, outside of Clingan Guitar Tone, the vending machine features essentials like guitar strings for $8, picks (packs of five for $5), capos for $10, straps for $7, 3m leads for $12, patch leads cables for $4 and drumsticks for $7.

You can make a suggestion for what Toneshop should start stocking next here.

[via Beat]