New study finds that microdosing THC lessens chronic pain

Got a stoner friend who treats medical issues with weed? Well, they might be a low-key genius, but maybe they don’t need that much…

A world-first clinical trial out of Israel for the European Journal of Pain has discovered that chronic pain may be cured from *small dosages* of medical cannabis.

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In a world-first study out of Israel, researchers have discovered that micro dosages of THC are able to deliver clinically apparent pain reduction without the high.

This is some of the better news to come out of the science world recently, following yesterday’s unsettling spider discovery and the rediscovery of the plague in Mongolia, we are happy to report that the real questions are finally being answered.

The results of the small trial in Israel suggest that small dosages of THC could reduce pain sensations in the body without the psychoactive side effects.

This is the first research-based evidence that microdosing has proven to actually be applied to medical cannabis solutions. In the study, microdosing is described as “the process of using extremely low doses of active drug compounds to treat various conditions”. 

So begs the age-old question of what is the perfect amount of weed to feel good but not high? Turns out, it’s way less than you might expect.

According to the study, a typical amount of medical cannabis is one gram, which is roughly estimated to be about 15% THC, meaning there are 150,000 micrograms of the stuff in there. Now stay with me, the trial looked at seriously reducing the amount of THC to just 500 micrograms. Much, much less. And after the patients were on 3-4 inhalations of the lowered dosage a day, they actually showed an easing up of chronic pain without the chemical high.

So what does this tell us? Basically, science has had weed wrong for a while and humans are way more sensitive to THC than we first thought.

This could seriously change the stigma surrounding medical marijuana, indicating that if we can treat patients with much higher precision, lower quantities of the drug will be needed and we won’t have to see kids or grandmas spacing out due to weed’s effects.

The Medical CEO of Syqe which is the Israeli pharma-tech company that initiated the trail, concludes that if implemented, microdosing may see “fewer side effects and an overall more effective treatment,” for medical marijuana.