We don’t mean to alarm you but two people in Mongolia have the plague

As if we haven’t learnt anything from anything, two brothers from Mongolia have had a cheeky nibble on Marmot meat and accidentally brought back the same disease that wiped out two-thirds of Europe.

Yep, in the next instalment of 2020, we have the literal Black Death. Vegans, you win.

Marmot Plague

In a new case for veganism, Coronavirus might be overtaken by the literal plague, after two brothers in Mongolia contract the potentially deadly disease after consuming marmot meat.

Two brothers, aged 27 and 16, in the Khovd province in western Mongolia, have had the forbidden nibble while hunting for Marmots and contracted the actual plague, sparking fears that pandemic part two could be on the horizon for neighbouring China. Authorities have reported the 27-year-old sibling is being treated with “marmot plague and secondary lung disease” according to an early diagnosis and his younger brother, 16, is also receiving treatment for the plague.

The reports of this pandemic renaissance have sent China into immediate action, sounding the alarms after another suspected case of the plague had managed to spread to the northern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. According to the state-run People’s Daily Online, a level III warning of plague prevention and control has been issued across the country, meaning they are in the second stage in a four-level system.

While China isn’t really sure how the bubonic plague has made its way throughout Mongolia, they know at least that it’s linked to these Marmot things. Marmots, from the looks of a quick Google, are basically like massive furry squirrels, but not as cute, and are sort of like rodents within the region.

The Chinese government are urging people to maybe not hunt and eat them this time around, looking to put in place a quarantine for the areas plague has been linked too, identifying the hundreds of people who came into first or second-hand contact with the infected people.

At present, there is a risk of a human plague epidemic spreading in the city and the local health authorities have announced that the warning period will continue until the end of the year. 2020, baby, what is you doin’?