Yulli’s Brews: Where music, craft beer, and vegan awesomeness hang out in unapologetic perfection

Yulli’s Brews flawlessly brings together our obsessions for kickass music, mind-blowing craft beer, and finger-licking vegan eats, giving us everything we love in a single, tantalizingly rebellious package that screams “hell yeah!”

Yulli’s Brews in Alexandria, Sydney, is the epitome of cool. Here, the rhythm of music dances in perfect sync with the soul of craft beer, while the explosive flavours of vegan cuisine seduce your taste buds.

This indie craft brewery has become THE place to be for bands who crave that spotlight under the iconic orange lights. Nestled among beer kegs and giant tanks, Yulli’s Brews oozes an irresistible allure that draws in both up-and-coming artists and groove-hungry punters who want to sip on liquid gold and chow down on plant-based masterpieces.


Thursdays are all about swaying to the sweet melodies of live jazz. Talented local musicians and surprise guests set the stage on fire, creating an atmosphere of pure sonic seduction. And as the clock strikes 9pm on Fridays, CANNED HEAT ignites the room with scorching performances from the hottest acts in town.

It’s a night where the air is electric, and the vibes are so contagious, you won’t be able to resist hitting the dance floor. And guess what? Happy Hour schooners at 8pm make sure you start your weekend early, ’cause who needs a boring ol’ Monday-to-Friday routine?


But there’s more so hold onto your good selves, ’cause Dusty Sundays take the weekend to a whole new level of awesome! Starting from midday, Bloody Marys flow freely, filling the air with a zesty kick.

And the party doesn’t stop there! From 3pm to 6pm, prepare your ears for an eargasmic experience as different bands take the stage each week, curated to perfection, it’s the Sunday session you’ve been hankering for.

Yulli’s Brews isn’t just a music haven, it’s a whole damn lifestyle! As a sister venue to the renowned Yulli’s restaurant in Surry Hills, this place knows how to satisfy your hunger for culinary brilliance. Their vegan menu is an explosion of flavours that will make your taste buds sing. And don’t worry, they’ve got love for the whole crew—bring your fam, bring your furry pals ’cause Yulli’s Brews is as inclusive as it gets.

But wait, there’s more! Brace yourself for the mind-blowing special event, PSYCHED HEAT, happening on Friday, May 26th. This one-night-only extravaganza will transport you to a psychedelic wonderland as four mind-bending bands, Memory Motel, Sitting Down, L.Ä,R,M and Holy Forrest take the stage. It’s gonna be a trip.


The doors of this bad-boy brewery swing wide open from midday Wednesday to Sunday, inviting all the cool cats and kittens to indulge in the magic. Yulli’s Brews is where coolness meets creativity, and the love for music, craft beer, and mouthwatering vegan treats come together in an unforgettable celebration of life. So don’t be a square, join the party at Yulli’s Brews and let the good times roll!

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