Shia LaBeouf graced Sydney with his newest art piece "And in the end"

It was Shia LaBeouf and his fans who made the big, red, gleaming statements at Sydney’s Opera House

Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf is at it again with an inexplicable performance art piece that is tugging at our heart strings just a little bit.

When he’s not starring in huge movies like Transformers, LaBeouf likes to spend his spare time confusing the public in the best way.


Sydney Opera House launched its first new festival in five years. Bingefest, a 24-hour celebration and streaming of addictive pop culture. Sounds edgy right? So of course Shia LaBeouf had to be involved.

At 1:30am last Sunday morning, hour long lines were trailing outside the Opera House as it projected a screen of huge red letters on the side of the building. This was all a part of LaBeouf’s latest performance art piece, And in the End.

The free event was live streamed for five hours all around the world, and invited fans to meet the actor as well as provide a statement which began with the words, “And in the end…”.

For example, “And in the end, I will always remember Shia LaBeouf as Louis Stevens, no matter how bearded he gets.”

The actor has yet to comment on the finished piece, but it’s clear the devoted attendees and participants were deeply affected. The fact the huge star is communicating intimately with his fans and giving them a platform to express themselves really is a testament to his character.

LaBeouf says the project asks “Where are we headed? What might it all mean? And what is important in the end?”

And now the world must wait for the next chapter of The Chronicles of LaBeouf, which we are sure is going to be just as thought provoking and wacky.

You can watch the five hour stream here:

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